Regular price £1,200.00

- Agreed commission of a kingfisher in a moment of stillness and tranqullity on a deep box canvas sized 70 x 100cm

- The title 'Marvel' evokes the awe and wonder of an encounter with the kingfisher bird.  Such a delicate creature yet so bold and bright! Kingfishers are symbolic of peace, prosperity and love, and are said to have taken their colours from the setting sun, and blue sky. 

- Colour scheme is inspired by Sian’s swan painting ‘Grace’ with the similar colour palette. 'Marvel' has been painted with a complementary composition to 'Grace' as they will hang side by side.

- Total commission price including delivery - £1200

- Own an original Sian Storey painting - the only one in the world

- Heavy body professional acrylic paint and spray paint.

- Completion February 2024