5th final instalment- Giraffe Commission

Regular price £220.00

5th and final instalment of 5 payments - Giraffe family Commission

• Agreed commission of 3 giraffes 

• Total price £1100 spilt into 5 monthly payments of £220 each

1st payment made - June 2020- £220 PAID 

2nd payment made- July 2020- £220 PAID

3rd payment-  October 2020- £220 PAID

4th payment- March 2021- £220 PAID

• A beautiful original giraffe painting depicting a mother and her young calves. 

• Colours for emphasis in the painting- pinks, gold, copper, turquoise and yellows. Chosen to complement ‘Devotion’.

• Materials to be used: acrylic and spray paint on wood to match ‘Devotion’. Painted on a 70 x 100 x 5cm strong wooden panel.

•Completion Feb 2021- delivery to be arranged after final payment.

•Signed by Sian Storey on the front and reverse