Kyoto Breeze

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Bring Japanese-inspired beauty into your home with this ethereal hummingbird painting

  • A one-of-a-kind painting of hummingbirds, there's only one available in the world.
  • Sized 30 x 100 cm and 5cm deep, it's a long, narrow canvas, with a Japanese aesthetic look.
  • Hand-painted by acclaimed British artist Sian Storey in her studio in Hampshire, using her distinctive colour scheme.
  • The colours are dreamy - turquoise, aqua and purple are paired with eye-catching blush pink. A golden pattern catches the light with a metallic effect, creating a warm illuminating shine. The painting is finished off with crisp white edges for a contemporary look.
    • Painted in acrylic and spray paint on canvas. Look closely and you’ll see painterly textures and brushstrokes, revealing the skilled artistry behind this unique painting.
    • Features authentic Japanese origami paper.
    • Hand signed by artist Sian Storey on the front and dated on the reverse.
    • Free international delivery - Sian ships work all over the globe.

     Painting description

    ‘Kyoto Breeze' is a beautiful original hummingbird painting by British artist Sian Storey, and part of an ongoing series of paintings inspired by the beauty of Japan.

    A rectangular canvas sized at 30x100cm and 5cm depth, Sian used acrylic and spray paint to create this vibrant and beautiful painting. The harmonious colours of turquoise, aqua and blush pink provide a backdrop to the hummingbirds in flight.

    There is an ethnic gold pattern in the centre of this painting that creates wonderful depth, but also catches the light with a glistening effect. This painting shines!

    Look closely, and you’ll also see authentic Japanese origami paper pasted onto the painting.

    The painting is signed by the artist Sian Storey on the front and reverse, and will be a stunning addition to your art collection. 

    Feel inspired

    Japan’s beauty is a constant source of inspiration for Sian. The title ‘Kyoto Breeze' conjures thoughts of pink blossom trees gently swaying in a breeze, and the painting is a celebration of the beauty of nature. 

    The narrow shape and vibrant aesthetic of the painting is inspired by Sian's visit to the Kimono Forest, an outdoor art exhibition at Arashiyama Station near Kyoto.

    Sian is also inspired by the beauty and movement of hummingbirds.

    How it was created

    ‘Kyoto Breeze’ was painted in Sian Storey’s studio during Spring 2020, in Hampshire, England. 

    As the proud owner of this original work of art, you’ll see delicate, detailed brushwork. Look closely, and you'll see Japanese origami paper too.

    Sian paints in layers, building up layers as she goes. The spray paint is used to  create a hazy, ethereal finish.

    This painting, your walls

    ‘Kyoto Breeze' will bring serenity to any living space or bedroom thanks to its soothing turquoise and luxurious gold spray paint.

    Due to the unique long, narrow shape, this painting is well suited to a side wall or next to a window, but works equally well hanging above a sofa or bed to create a boutique feel.

    Good news - this painting comes ready to hang - you just need to put a strong nail in your wall.

    Delivery information

    The painting will be delivered fully tracked via courier, and securely packaged in thick bubble wrap and heavy duty cardboard.

    The painting will be dispatched within 7 days maximum, however Sian will always aim to send it sooner. Please add a note to your order if you require the painting sooner.

    Any more questions about this painting?

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