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Celebrate the beauty and symbolism of the bee with ‘Lupin’

  • A unique hand painted bijou painting 
  • Striking blush pink background with a detailed gold stencil.
  • 20 x 20cm canvas set in a 27 x 27 x 4 cm contemporary chunky wood frame
  • Painted with acrylic and spray paint on canvas
  • Signed by Sian Storey on the front and reverse
  • It's a stunning bijou painting for a bee or nature lover
  • Free delivery

About the painting              

This detailed painting celebrates the fragility and beauty of our garden bees. The painting is full of texture and  the vitality of its delicate body is captured by Sian’s signature colours, spray mists and detailed brushstrokes.

Hand painted by Sian in both her garden and studio, it features flashes of violet, orange, gold and hot pink with a striking stencilled background that frames the bee beautifully.

The title ‘Lupin’ refers to the colour in the background but also a garden flower favoured by the creature. This painting celebrates the strength of the bee and the importance of these little creatures to flourish in our world.

There are detailed stencil patterns and fine brushwork that you will rediscover every time you view this painting. This bee is sure to bring you vitality and warmth reminding you that the sun will always return after a long cold winter.

This is the perfect painting for garden lovers and those that connect with nature too.

This painting, your walls

‘Lupin’ would be a joyful addition to any home thanks to its warm violet and yellow colour scheme.

This painting comes ready to hang - you just to put need a nail in your wall. 

Of course, this painting also makes a stunning gift for art lovers too.

Delivery information

The painting will be delivered fully tracked via courier, and securely packaged in thick bubble wrap and heavy duty cardboard.

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