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Wild Meadow

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  • 50 x 100cm (4cm depth)
  • Original, one-off painting inspired by wildflower meadow
  • Signed by the artist Sian Storey on the front and reverse
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‘Wild Meadow’ is an original bird painting by British artist Sian Storey. A large sized canvas at 50 x 100cm and 4cm deep, Sian used acrylic and spray paint to create this beautiful and serene painting.

The soft pinks and delicate yellows of this unique painting are reminiscent of a hazy summer meadow, whilst the composition is a reference to Japanese aesthetics, one of Sian’s favourite themes.

The painting is signed by the artist Sian Storey on the front and reverse.

Feel inspired 

‘Wild Meadow’ celebrates the spirit of the summer, as well as the beauty and movement of birds which is a constant theme in Sian’s artwork.

This large but delicate canvas is full of energy, the lush hues describe the warmth of summer, why not bring an endless summer into your living space? Sian’s signature colours, spray mists and detailed brushstrokes create a truly ethereal piece.

How it was created

‘Wild Meadow’ was painted in Sian Storey’s studio in leafy Hampshire. Using acrylics and spray paint, you'll see detailed, delicate brushwork and beautiful mists of spray paint.

Sian paints in layers, as seen in the rich acrylic paint of the blossoms and birds. The spray paint is used to diffuse edges and lines, creating a hazy, dreamy finish.

This painting, your walls

‘Wild Meadow’ would be a joyful and beautiful addition to any home thanks to its soft colour scheme of misty pinks and hazy yellow set against soothing seafoam green.

This painting comes ready to hang - you just to put need a small nail in your wall. 

Of course, this painting also makes a stunning gift for loved ones too.

Delivery information

The painting will be delivered fully tracked via courier, and securely packaged in thick bubble wrap and heavy duty cardboard.

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