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  • ‘Lefkada’ is an original turtle painting by Sian Storey
  • 59 x42 cm and painted with heavy body professional acrylic and spray paint.
  • Signed by the artist on the front and reverse
  • Part of the Spirit of the Sea series

Painting description

'Lefkada' is an original Sea Turtle painting by British artist Sian Storey. A beautiful sea-themed painting on a medium 59 x 42cm canvas, this is a stunning one-off artwork.

Inspired by Sian's travels in Greece, her serene colours directly draw from the idyllic Ionian islands. Seafoam green, turquoise and hazes of blue spray paint feel like a refreshing dip on a summer's day, while subtle hints of yellow allude to warm soft sands.

Turtles are a favourite theme of Sian's, and this collection explores their enchanting beauty in detail. Look closely and you'll discover delicate brushwork, stencilling, and a sea of colours coming together.

Sian spent much of the glorious heatwave of 2018 creating these turtles outside in her garden; the balmy evenings providing the perfect ambience for creating such sun-kissed paintings. So in your home, these paintings can be a year-round reminder of an endless summer - they radiate sunshine, optimism and serenity.  And if you have a passion for turtles, the ocean, or travel, shouldn't your home reflect that too?

The water's beautiful. Will you dive in?

How it was created

‘Lefkada’ was painted in summer 2018. Using acrylics and spray paint, you'll see detailed, delicate brushwork, stenciling and beautiful mists of spray paint.

This painting, your walls

This painting comes ready to hang - you just to put a strong nail in your wall. 

Delivery information

The painting will be delivered fully tracked via courier, and securely packaged in thick bubble wrap and heavy duty cardboard.

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