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Be Brave

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A lion as you've never seen them before

• A unique and luxury item - only 1 available in the world.
• A beautiful original painting of a lion on 70 x 100 x 5cm deep box wooden panel.
• An epic statement piece for your home.
• Vibrant colours and shimmering gold. 
• Painted in acrylic and spray paint on canvas.
• Signed by Sian Storey on the front and reverse.


‘Be Brave' is an original lion painting by British artist Sian Storey. A beautifully vibrant and majestic painting, it captures the movement and courage of lions.

With a palette of cool blues and purple, set against warm reds and oranges this vivid painting feels otherworldly and ethereal. 'Be Brave' is full of Sian’s signature brushstrokes and spray paint drips, as well as her unique use of vivid colour that sets this painting apart, and it is sure to be a talking point in your home forever.

The painting is signed by Sian Storey on the front and reverse.

Feel inspired

The title 'Be Brave' alludes to courage and bravery in the face of adversity. 

This is a majestic painting that sees Sian exploring a recurring theme of travel, nature and wildlife. The graceful nature of the lion is conveyed with spray paint mists and flashes of colour.

This is the perfect painting if you're looking to bring the raw beauty of wildlife into your home.

How it was created

‘Be Brave' was painted in Sian Storey’s studio in Hampshire, England in the spring of 2020. Using acrylics and spray paint, you'll see detailed, delicate brushwork, vibrant colour, finished off with flashes of gold spray paint. 

Sian paints in layers, as seen in the intricate brushwork that contrast with the spray paint drips. Sian uses spray paint to diffuse edges and lines, creating a hazy, ethereal finish.

This painting, your walls

Sized at 70 x 100 cm and 5cm deep, 'Be Brave' is a large painting that'll take centre stage in your home. It'll bring vibrancy to any room thanks to its intense colour and painterly style. It'll also add raw creativity to your interior decor, and you'll own something unique that no-one else in the world has. This painting comes ready to hang - you just need to put a pair of strong nails in your wall.

Delivery information

The painting will be delivered fully tracked via courier, and securely packaged in thick bubble wrap and heavy duty cardboard. The painting will be dispatched within 7 days maximum, however Sian will always aim to send it sooner. Please add a note to your order if you require the painting even sooner.

Any more questions about this painting?

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