Majorelle Blue

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A unique painting - only 1 available in the world.

A powerful and emotive painting, inspired by the cool colours and patterns of Morooco.

- Original figurative painting 90 x 100 cm in size – a stunning statement piece.

- Painted with a blue pigment found in Marrakech, Morocco.

- Signed by the artist on the front and reverse

Painting description

Be transported to Morocco with ‘Majorelle Blue’ - a stunning female figurative painting by acclaimed British artist Sian Storey. Painted on a large 90 x 100cm canvas, this is a one-off artwork created using blue pigment found in Marrakech.

Hand painted by Sian in her studio, it features Moroccan style patterns, and cool calm colours – much like the atmospheric Riads (traditional homes) of Marrakech.

The painting is signed by the artist Sian Storey on the front and reverse.

Feel inspired

‘Majorelle Blue’ is one of Sian Storey’s ongoing series of female figurative paintings. Drenched in emotion, the painting is both powerful and fragile.

The intense blue colour was partly created with a pigment (named Majorelle Blue) Sian found in Marrakech while on her travels. The painting sees Sian inspired by patterned tiles and colours seen during her time in Morocco and the famous Majorelle Gardens.

How it was created

‘Majorelle Blue’ was painted in Sian Storey’s studio in Hampshire UK in the summer of 2016.

This painting, your walls

‘Majorelle Blue’ is a stunning statement piece, and will bring a sense of tranquillity to any living space thanks to its calming colours – much like the famous riads of Marrakech, which are characterised by their shady courtyard gardens (as an escape from the intense sun), tranquil colours and Arabic patterns.

This painting comes ready to hang - you just to put a strong nail in your wall.

Delivery information

The painting will be delivered fully tracked via courier, and securely packaged in thick bubble wrap and heavy duty cardboard.

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